At Ningbo, we offer a vast range of tables for sale which are suitable for a host of different venues and environments such as cafes, churches, schools, pubs, offices and hotels. Choosing a table type that is most suited to your requirements has never been easier. Select the kind of table or venue type you are looking for, choose the most appropriate size (e.g. “6ft wooden trestle table”) and view our incredibly reasonable prices.

Whether it’s wooden tables, plastic tables or aluminium tables, there are plenty of different sizes and shapes to choose from. We realise the importance of being able to work new tables and chairs into your available space as easily as possible, so all measurements and dimensions are clearly displayed for your convenience. The majority of our tables are folding, which again allows for the best utilisation of the space in your chosen environment.

Perhaps you are looking simply for table tops (such as our Werzalit cafe table tops) or table bases of which we also have a good selection, so you really can tailor your purchase as specifically as you need.

With terrific discounts for bulk purchases, there is a great selection of tables, table tops and other furniture available at Ningbo. Please feel free to contact us for more information.