A Seating Solution That Works

Aluminium Emperor Banqueting Chair on Trolley

A Seating Solution that Works

Finding the right seating solution is important for many businesses, such as those in the catering industry, the entertainment industry and even places like churches and community centres. There’s plenty to take into consideration in order to get the right chair, for the right place, for the right occasion.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the available options for those either starting from scratch or those looking to replace old seating with a range of new chairs.

Chairs that Stack

There are some very obvious advantages to having stacking chairs as part of your business set up. Chairs that are not stackable are far less versatile, especially if you need to use the venue or room in question for more than one event or service. Stacking chairs on the other hand can be moved around and stored much more easily. Many of the available options can stack as many as 10 high and then moved around the venue on a specialised trolley, to either be placed into storage, transported to another location or simply stacked around the room, so that the floor space can be used for something else.

If your run a cafe, for example, being able to stack chairs, makes cleaning the floor much easier at the end of each day. If you run a venue that holds wedding ceremonies – each wedding party may have requested a different set up. The stacking chair makes quick changeovers far more realistic – stack them, move them, clean the floor and then move the chairs back into their new positions. Rinse and repeat!

There might be murder on the dance floor, if you can’t move the chairs from under the revellers’ feet. Makeshift dancefloors are common at wedding receptions – the place where you just ate your 3 course meal is often transformed into the dance floor for the evening event. The chairs need to be stacked and moved and often within a short time frame.

Know when to fold

So, stacking chairs really do make a lot of sense. There are other options of course, with perhaps the other main one being the folding chair. These chairs are often lighter than their stacking cousins and are also fairly versatile – especially if you can find an option that both folds and stacks. Again, the main benefit here is that they can be removed from the venue and stored safely very quickly. There are usually plenty of different designs to choose from, so you can ensure that it matches the venue or set up in question.

Depending on your requirements, buying in bulk is often a cheaper way to buy new chairs – with many companies offering discounts on larger orders. It’s probably also worth investing in a chair trolley too (the one the best suits your chosen design), which should make the constant reshuffle of the venue or room much less stressful.