Making room for the congregation – The church chairs that made a difference

Burgundy church chair

Until fairly recently, sitting at a local church service was a very uncomfortable experience. With a seemingly ever growing congregation and the church chairs that were old, clunky and cumbersome, things were just too cramped, awkward and dare I say it, a little off-putting. It was very clear that something needed to be done, so the search began for chairs that would suit a new seating arrangement.

There were several things to take into consideration before deciding which chairs would work best.

Church Stacking Chair (with options)

Shape and size of the building

The building isn’t particularly large and it’s also quite a strange shape which isn’t very user-friendly. In addition, there is very little in the way of storage space, so that was another factor to take into consideration.

The frequent use of the building

It’s a busy church with meetings of various kinds happening almost every day. Meeting for adults and meetings for kids – where undoubtedly the kids need space to run around in. So, the ability to stack the chairs became ever more crucial, especially considering the lack of storage space. The previous chairs could only be stacked in two’s (one face down on the other), so took up huge amounts of space even when not in use.

Could the chairs be linked?

With lots of people in the building, it would be very easy for individual (non-linked) chairs to get moved around very easily and in the unfortunate event of a fire or other emergency, this could certainly prove a hazard. The old chairs could be linked, so it was important the new ones could link as well. When linked, rows of chairs can be created and linked together, so that there is very little movement when people are getting up and moving around the building.

Decision time

So, with all the factors on the table it was time to choose a chair that seemed most suitable. In the end a banquet chair style was chosen. The chosen chair also had the capacity to be linked together. Did the new chairs make a difference? Yes, they made a massive difference, a really big improvement in so many ways. First of all the amount of chairs that could fit safely into the building was significantly increased, allowing the congregation a little more breathing space.

The new stacking chairs were lighter and easier to move around when not in use. They can be stacked as many as 8 high and moved around really easily thanks to the handy chair trolley. There is now much more room for those kids meetings, with the chairs safely stacked out of the way. The chairs are easy to link together and just as easy to unlink when you want to move them.

It’s fair to say the church is still going from strength to strength and of course, much of that is down to the people themselves but without a radical overhaul of the seating system, many of the things happening simply wouldn’t have been possible.