Choosing the Best Church Chairs

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Choosing the Best Church Chairs – A Guide for a Stylish & Effective Church Hall
Choosing the best church chairs for your church, chapel, conference centre or hall is important for a whole range of reasons. In this guide, we have a look at some of the many considerations and options as you try and work out which chairs are going to work best for your set up.

What are you working with?
Church buildings come in many different shapes and sizes, from ancient cathedrals with steeples and towers that soar into the sky and stained glass windows depicting sacred scenes, to small, modern buildings that make up for their lack of grandeur with an emphasis on functionality and versatility. The building and facilities you have to work with will certainly play a major part in church chair decision making.

An older building, for example, may have more restrictions and limitations than a more modern building and although you may have less choices to consider, it may actually be easier to select something suitable. Smaller, more modern buildings are often far more practical (although not always), allowing you to do much more with the layout. Again getting the chair choice right can have a major impact on just how much you make of the available space. 

A room with a pew?
Who doesn’t love the old wooden pews? Aesthetically they can be very appealing and in fact, as many churches have replaced them with more modern chairs, the pews have found a new lease of life as trendy garden benches and stylish seating in our homes. However, unless you are stuck with them, and many really old churches often are – sometimes literally, as they are fixed to the ground, pews are not particularly practical, especially if your church building needs to be multifunctional. If they are not stuck to the floor, they are often large, heavy and cumbersome, being difficult to move and requiring plenty of manpower. Some churches have found lighter, more modern alternatives but the fact remains the pew presents a practical problem.

Stacking the “chairs” in your favour
So, what are the alternatives to heavy, difficult to move pews, or any other heavy seating arrangement for that matter? There are a wide variety of modern seating options for churches these days and it’s perhaps a case of sifting through the options to see what might work best for your building. Certainly, one of the most user friendly options would be to opt for some kind of stacking chair – there are different kinds available. Stacking church chairs can make a massive difference to the whole set up at your church, adding a new layer of flexibility and versatility to the potential layout. Many stackable chairs can often be stacked as many as ten high, which means if you have a sanctuary or function room that seats a couple of hundred chairs, just twenty stacks later and you can have a completely open floor space to work with, if you need to offer other kinds of events.

Is it time to fold?
We’ve talked about how much of a difference stacking chairs can make to the overall functionality of your venue but folding church chairs can also be really useful. If you have a church hall or venue that needs to assemble different layouts for different events, then being able to fold the chairs can provide an extra layer of versatility as you seek to deliver the most effective solution. Many folding chairs can also be stacked, after they have been folded – so if, when all the chairs were fully assembled, you wondered how on earth you were going to create an open floor space – let’s say for a kids event – once they have all be folded and stacked, your venue will be transformed. If you are fortunate enough to have good storage space, then folding, stacking chairs can easily be moved in and out of storage with the help of specialist chair trolleys – they can help to make life much easier.

The missing link
Not all church chairs feature a linking mechanism, but it’s another thing worth considering, especially if your venue is large and frequently attracts great numbers of people. The linking mechanism (where you simply link one chair to another) will effectively stop a row of chairs from moving too much and being knocked over into aisles and walkways. As well as having a safety element, linking chairs can also prove to be aesthetically pleasing. In terms of safety, it is wise to check all of your building’s fire and safety regulations before making a church chair purchase. Make sure that what you buy will adhere to the safety regulations – this will help to save time and money further down the line. 

Are you colour coordinated & comfortable?
Once you have settled on the “type” of your new chairs, it’s then a case of choosing the colours and possibly the style too. In most cases it will make perfect sense to try and colour coordinate your chairs with the rest of the building’s décor. However, if your building is designed to host a whole variety of events and functions, it might be wiser to choose a more neutral colour for wider appeal. There are usually lots of colours available, so there should be no problem finding something to suit.

Comfort is very important too – your church building may host day long conferences and although you don’t want people to fall asleep, it’s important to consider the comfort of all the people who will sit in the chairs. Is the seat pad comfortable? Is the back rest comfortable? Again, there are usually plenty of options – such as chairs with a thicker, softer seat pad or back rest. If the chairs are being used exclusively for church services, perhaps you should consider whether you need to have hymn or prayer book holders.

How much should you pay for church chairs?
If you intend to buy your church chairs new, then after shopping around online a little you will find that there isn’t a massive difference in price when you compare supplier with supplier. Sure, there may be slight differences but certainly nothing too dramatic. However, something you do want to look out for are suppliers that are offering discounts, especially when buying in bulk – after all, church chairs are usually something you will buy more than one of! Budget is always important, so checking out the various deals and offers is sure to lead you to paying a respectable price for your church chairs.

Conclusion and Help
If you’ve made it this far though the guide, then you must be pretty serious about buying church chairs. So, it’s well worth sitting down with the various decision makers and going through all of the various options listed above. It’s something you want to get right first time, especially if you are considering buying hundreds of chairs. At Ningbo, we have a great sales team that are always more than happy to chat through all of your questions and concerns as you consider your purchase. Give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll do our best to help you any way we can.