A Guide to Banquet Chairs – Stylish Seating for Great Occasions

What is a banquet chair?

A modern banquet chair is essentially a chair that is functional but looks good at the same time. There are lots of different kinds of chairs and it all depends on your requirements as to which you should choose. When you think of the term “banquet” you might picture some grand event hosted by kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers. Perhaps featuring formal seating arrangements with incredible food served over several courses and maybe some musicians providing live entertainment. Of course, you wouldn’t be far wrong, a banquet can be all of these things but it can also be something far more informal and accessible. Think of wedding receptions, organised Christmas meals – actually, pretty much any party or event that involves a “sit down” meal. Some might say that their Sunday lunch is a banquet! Where there’s a sit down meal, there’s likely to be banquet chairs of one kind or another.

It’s important for these chairs to be comfortable for the duration of the event, so ensuring they have decent padding should certainly be something you consider – especially if you want to get comfortably through the best man’s long speech!

Types of banquet chairs

Here at Ningbo, we specialise in banquet chairs and stock many different kinds, suitable for a whole range of occasions. Let’s have a look at some of the different models available and how they might work for your special event or venue.

The Emperor Banqueting Chair

If you have attended any special event in the last few years, the chances are that you have sat in an emperor banqueting chair. It sounds very grand doesn’t it? Indeed, it’s a great looking chair and quite easily graces most occasions. If you like the look of the Emperor, it’s available with either a steel or aluminium frame – there is no compromise on the stylish looks but the aluminium model understandably is a lighter chair and so perhaps easier to lift and move around your venue. Choose from a number of different fabric colours, including red, gold, black, green and blue – so plenty of scope there.

Spoon Backed Banqueting Chair

This is another simple yet classic design and as the name suggests, features a spoon shaped back. Again the fabric is available in a number of different colours, so if you are trying to colour coordinate an event, you have a great chance of finding a match. As with most of these chairs, they can be stacked – 8 high if you are moving them on a trolley or as many as 10 high once in storage – so very useful even if you only have limited storage space. If you order a number of chairs and wonder if you will have time to assemble them in time for your big event – you’ll be glad to know that once unloaded and unpacked, there is no assembly required – just put them where you want them and they are ready to serve!

Square Backed Banqueting Chair

For information about this model, simply check out its close relative above – the spoon backed model. It’s pretty much the same chair but with a square back. Different colour fabrics available and you can also choose the frame colour, with a choice of silver, black and gold – each one providing a slight different aesthetic – useful if you are trying to fine tune your event right down to the colour of the frames. The frames themselves are made from powder coated steel and although not as light as aluminium, they are still easy to move around and that little bit sturdier.

Cheltenham Banqueting Chair

If you take a look at the image, you’ll see that the Cheltenham chair steps it up a gear in terms of style. Choose the colour of the frame (white, silver or gold) and the seat pad (ivory, green, gold, burgundy, black or blue) to really tailor the chair to your special occasion or your venue. The frame itself is made from solid beech and as you can see has some really lovely detail. The seat pads are interchangeable so if you wanted only a certain number of chairs but wanted to be able to mix things up sometimes – you can purchase the seat pads separately and have as many of the different colours as you wanted. Easy to stack and store with the seat pad on or off, the Cheltenham banquet chair really is a nice example.

Chiavari Banquet Chairs

There are a number of different models in the Chiavari range and we talked about them in some of our other blog posts but without a doubt, this particular range is one of the most popular and it’s easy to see why.

The most standard chair in the range is available with a silver, gold, white or lime-wash frame and a choice of 6 different colours for the seat pad (with Velcro attachment). A bit like the Cheltenham, the frame is made from solid beech and if anything the detail is even more intricate and flamboyant. We find that these chairs sell particularly well for weddings and wedding receptions and with its stylish looks and versatility it’s a true classic in the industry. Easy to store once again and no assembly required.

An Icy Reception

How do you top that? Well, with the Ice Chair which is available in different models including the Original and the Napoleon designs. Both of these models are waterproof so absolutely ideal for events both indoors and outdoors. Dreaming of that summer wedding in the grounds of a luxury hotel or personal property? The ice chair covers all the bases. They are also really strong so stand up to repeated use very well and they are also made entirely from recyclable materials! If you like the original ice chair but fancy a slightly different design, then the Napoleon model may be the one for you – it still oozes style from every angle and features all of the same benefits in terms of strength and durability. Both models can be stacked around 10 high and because they are scratch resistant they stand up really well to repeated stacking and storage. They could potentially last for many years to come.

Banquets on a budget

Whilst we consider all of our chairs to be affordable and very reasonably priced, we appreciate that sometimes a tighter budget needs to be worked to. So, there are a number of other chairs that work perfectly well as banquet chairs and can reduce the overall cost of your special event or venue refurbishment.

Loughborough Stacking Chair

Available in either red or blue (fabric), this chair is simple, functional and gets the job done. With a 16 gauge steel frame it’s sturdy but still agile enough to be move around and stored easily – it can be stacked up to 8 high. The starting price is reasonable and there are great savings to be had for buying in bulk, so a really great way of refurbishing a venue quickly and easily.

Conference Stacking Chair

The humble conference chair is another great option for those working on smaller budgets or with venues that don’t require the same level of grandiose as some of the other chairs we’ve looked at. Available in a number of different colours and featuring a steel frame, these chairs are very popular. The name suggests its most typical use is for conferences etc. and that’s true but they can be equally useful in dining settings and at less than £15 per chair when bought in bulk (at the time of writing) they are another of our terrific budget chairs that still do a great job. As with all of the examples above they can be stacked and stored easily and there is no assembly required.

Stacking and Storing

We’ve talked a lot about the versatility of all of our banquet chairs, especially when it comes to being able to stack them. It’s important to note however, that each chair has its own guidelines as to just how many can be safely stacked and we recommend you visit our website to see the details for each one. However, all of the chairs we have mentioned will stack at least 6 high (with many being able to stack as high as 10). Being able to stack the chairs has great benefits regardless of the amount of storage space you may have. Stacking chairs after use – even if left around the edges of the venue – still means you can move your tables and clean the floors much easier than if the chairs were not stackable.

On Your Trolley

If you need to move your chairs around the venue or into storage, it can be made much easier with the use of a steel banquet chair trolley (which we stock). Following the chair and furniture trolley guidelines, in most cases you can stack up to 8 chairs at a time on the trolley. If you have to move hundreds of chairs, you can see how much quicker it will be using the trolley (or trolleys), whether it’s getting ready to set up another event or moving them into storage or getting them ready for transportation.

So, plenty of information to wade through there – feel free to dip in and out of this resource at your leisure and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about any of our banquet chairs and trolleys. We hope there’s enough here to get you or your venue ready for your next big banquet.