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Chapel and Church Chairs

Ningbo stocks a range of church chairs that could be suitable for either the sanctuary or halls and function rooms. The majority of church chairs are also stackable (in some cases up to 10 high) so should they need to be stored away, it makes it easy to do so. Most of the chapel and church chairs in this section are available in a range of colours so there is a good chance they will either match the existing decor or blend in perfectly with a planned new colour scheme.

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Stacking Church Chairs also used for seating in Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey has been in the spotlight lately, featured in a three-part BBC series. The documentary shines a light on the work carried out at the Abbey. However, did you know that Ningbo has a link to the historical church?

The company was asked to supply 70 Golden Cheltenham Church Chairs and 70 burgundy coloured seat pads. They also ordered six, 6ft round tables for the residence halls.
Westminster Abbey is steeped in more than a thousand years of history and now Ningbo is part of its structure too.
Westminster Abbey is one of the most important Gothic buildings in the country.

With some churches closing their doors and new churches springing up all the time, it’s very difficult to pinpoint just how many church chairs there are in the chapels and churches around the UK but some estimates have them exceeding 50,000 churches across all denominations.

That’s a lot of churches that will require a lot of church chairs. There are still plenty of churches that favour the old traditional pews for seating but many churches are modernising and recognising that individual chairs possess certain additional attributes than just being able to sit on them.

With the local church reaching out to communities, there are more and more events being held in either the church building itself or an adjacent church hall. Being able to move church chairs from one building to another is a huge plus point and makes organising meetings and functions much simpler.

Metal or Wooden Chairs for Church Seating?

Choose from metal or wooden church chairs, with or without arms and if you are also looking for tables suitable for your halls or function rooms, Ningbo Furniture also stocks a range of church seating.

Looking for new chairs for your church seating?

For more information about our church chairs, please feel free to call us or email us with your enquiry and a member of our sales team will help you with your query or order.