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Waiting Room Chairs

These “waiting room” stacking chairs are ideal for a range of environments. Perhaps the most obvious choices are places like hospitals, medical centres, community halls and conference rooms but they can be used just as effectively in a host of other venues.

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Reception Area Chairs

If you have customers or clients that may need to wait for some time, then it’s important that they are relatively comfortable and these chairs have an upholstered high density foam seat pad to provide that extra level of required comfort. You may need to move them from location to location around your building, so the fact that they can be easily stacked is a real benefit. For storage purposes, they can actually be stacked as many as 10 high. There are two basic colours currently available. There is a black option if you are looking to keep everything neutral or blue if you are looking for that extra professional sheen. This waiting room stacking chair is another affordable option from Ningbo Furniture.