Ensure there is room at the Inn this Christmas – Chairs and Tables for Seasonal Success

If you are in the catering industry or hosting a Christmas event of any kind, your planning will either be in full swing or already pretty much complete. In fact, you may already be fully booked, which is great for business, but now it’s just a case of ensuring that everything goes according to plan, everyone has a great time and wants to come back again as soon as possible!

Working with the checklist – and checking it twice!

The menu has been set for what seems like an eternity, all of the food is either ordered or well planned for. All of the entertainment is in hand, the music, the performers etc. You haven’t put the Christmas decorations up yet (still a bit too early) but you know exactly how you want them and will use a mixture of some from last year, plus some new ones.

Bookings are going really well, perhaps already booked up well into the New Year, perhaps just a few spaces left but have you thought about trying to get an extra table or two into the venue to boost your event even more? You’ve got enough space but you don’t have any spare to tables to fill it. Even if you don’t need extra tables, have you considered the tables and chairs that may have been damaged or broken during the last 12 months? It usually doesn’t matter because you have enough to cover it but at Christmas, every seat and every space is going to be taken up. The good news is, it’s not too late to get in some new tables or chairs in time for Santa’s visit! Here at Ningbo, we offer a next day delivery service for most orders.

Furniture with flair and functionality

We really have got you covered this Christmas. We have a vast array of chairs to suit most budgets, from simple plastic chairs which are fantastic for kids’ parties – lightweight, easy to move and more importantly easy to clean, all the way through to our ‘ice’ chairs (more about them in a minute). It’s worth having a quick count up of your current roster of chairs to see if you have enough for your party or event because there’s nothing worse than playing musical chairs without the chairs! That’s just a disco with weird pauses and you’re not paying your DJ for that!

Did we mention the ice chairs? Please forgive us for raving about them, they’re just so cool! (Pardon the pun). The original Chiavari Ice Chair is one of our most popular and although they look great in the pictures, wait until you see them in ‘real life’ – they are super stylish. They don’t just look good though, they are really solid chairs, and versatile too. Pick a seat pad from a choice of colours to really set your venue alight and just stand amazed as the Christmas lights turn your venue into something magical as they shine on the chairs. There are a few other options in the ‘ice’ series, so please do ask us about them if you like the idea of these really impressive chairs.

If you don’t want to go down that route, we have plenty of other really lovely banquet chairs, again to suit a range of budget levels. If you are having a number of Christmas events, spread across the season, most of our chairs are extremely versatile and user friendly, with most being able to stack up to around 10 high – which is perfect for clearing up after one event and getting ready for the next. They can also be easily wheeled into storage with one of our handy chair trolleys.

Table for two?

Of course, your particular venue can only cater for so many people at the same time, but the last thing you want to do as a business is turn people away if you still have the safe capacity to host them. Can you get a few more tables into the various spaces just for the Christmas period? How about a half moon shaped table to go up against the window to seat another couple? One way you could make some temporary adjustments to your seating space is to use trestle tables. At Ningbo, we stock a wide range of these trestle tables and they are ideal for both long term and temporary use.

So, work out the amount of space you have and then look at our range of tables to see what will fit and where they can go. Have in mind that the majority of our trestle tables can be folded which really creates a workable solution. Before and after the event, you can leave the tables in storage, folded away which will take your venue back to its normal layout for easier cleaning and setting up.

You don’t need to worry that the tables will look out of place either because once you have added a stylish tablecloth to match the rest of your room, it will blend in beautifully and your extra 10, 20 or 30 guests will have a great time with the rest of their party. Most tables are either round or rectangular in shape and available in a good number of sizes, so there’s some versatility there when you are thinking of the best ways to set out your venue.

Buffet Away

Not only can you use your tables for seated dining but they are also the perfect solution for the buffet style party. With our longest table clocking in at 8ft, depending on the size of your venue, you can lay out a feast for banquets large and small.

Trestle tables are great for kids’ parties too and you don’t even need to use a tablecloth if you prefer to save money – the plastic or wooden surface of each table (depending on preference) is so easy to wipe clean, you’ll have things tidied up in no time.

A trestle table is not just for Christmas

Every table and chair you purchase will also prove to be a sound investment. Not only can you use them for Christmas events but they can be set up and used at any time of the year for any event or function your restaurant, hotel or other venue may be hosting. As older tables and chairs reach the end of their lifespan, you will have ready-made replacements and won’t have to worry where you are going to find an extra table from in time for the Sunday lunches coming up every week.

So, there you have it! The furniture itself is perhaps something that can get easily overlooked in the hurly burly that is the lead up to Christmas but with just a little planning, not only can you keep all of your customers happy but also boost your seasonal takings as well. Please feel free to give us a call and we’ll do our best to answer any of your festive furniture questions. We trust that your event will go swimmingly well and we wish you all a very happy holidays!