What Size is a Trestle Table?

Perhaps better questions to ask would include: What size trestle table do I need? What is the standard size of a trestle table? Tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes and ultimately, you need to decide which size and shape will work best for either the venue in question or specific event they are needed for.

What is a trestle table?

Traditionally, a trestle table might have just been a couple of planks of wood resting across the breadth of some supports, thus allowing for a makeshift table surface. The idea was simple, cheap and effective and could be assembled in a matter of seconds, provided you had access to a few bits of wood or equivalent materials. The table could then be used for practically anything but was often used to put food on or as a makeshift work bench. I can recall seeing people use them as an effective wall-papering table! Nowadays, a trestle table is still a relatively simply construction, is still very affordable and is certainly still very effective. However, they have evolved a little from a few planks of wood of yesteryear.

Why choose a trestle table?

Most modern trestle tables are extremely versatile and this is one of its best-selling points. Similarly, we find that most these days are used for catering purposes but they can be also be used for a whole range of things. If you enjoy a car boot sale, you’ll often see the sellers pulling out a trestle table from the boot of their car, unfolding it and then placing all of their goods on it ready to sell. So, you can see just from this example, how versatile and easy to use these tables can be.

Shapes and sizes

As mentioned in our introduction, trestle tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you will usually be able to find something to suit your venue or event. The round tables as well as the rectangular shaped ones, we find to be amongst the most popular sellers. The round ones make great makeshift banquet tables – put a cloth over the top and they really are very effective. The rectangular ones make great buffet tables – again with a cloth on top, they do a great job at a great price. So, with just a few of each shape, you can host a really great party, wedding reception or other event. Even if you use them without a tablecloth, especially the plastic top tables, they are still so versatile, with just a quick wipe needed for them to be clean and ready to either use again or put into storage.

Plastic or Wooden Trestle Tables?

There are also a couple of table top materials’ to choose from in the form of either a plastic one or wooden one. Again, it’s just a matter of personal preference. In addition to rectangular and round tables, there are also a number of other options – there’s a square one, which makes for a great cake table and a half moon shaped one – which is really great if you are trying to optimise space – you can put the straight edge flat against a wall and still have a great, functional table set up. Another thing to mention is that modern trestle tables are generally very strong. We produced a really fun article about just how strong a trestle table is, so please feel free to check that out sometime, but it’s fair to say that they are constructed really sturdily. Usually they will feature powder coated, steel folding legs and an industrial strength locking mechanism, so whether you are using them for a catering event or need to put heavy items on them at a car boot sale, these tables are strong.

So, what about the table sizes themselves?

Perhaps one of the most popular sizes is the 6ft trestle table which is available with a plastic or wooden top. There are different options in terms of width and you can also pick up a 6ft round table. The 5ft options are all either round or the half-moon shape, whereas the 4ft models are available with a round or rectangular top. So, you can see from what we’ve talked about so far that there’s quite a lot of variety when trying to answer the somewhat misleading question of “What size is a trestle table?” There are sizes that seem to be more popular than others but it really does all hinge on what they are required for.

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