Folding Tables

Ningbo Furniture stocks a wide variety of folding tables. Although available in many different shapes and sizes, there are perhaps two main categories to narrow down your search.

The kind of table you require might very well be dictated by the kind of event or function you have planned, or, if they are to be a permanent feature, by the venue they will be situated in.

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folding tables with chairs

Wooden tables are more suitable to indoor events and could be used in many venues such as schools, conference centres, hotels or as catering tables in church function rooms. Many of the foldable tables can be stacked as many as 20- 40 high when in the folded position, which makes them ideal for storage and transportation.

Wooden Folding Tables

Ningbos wooden folding tables are part of the roster of tables and remain one of our best selling products. Easy to fold, they can also stack 20 high (when folded) for effective and convenient storage. The tables are delivered in their folded form and there is no assembly needed upon delivery, so if you have an important function approaching, the tables are ready to use straight away.

The table tops come in one piece and are made from exterior grade plywood. The frames are made from powder coated steel and the folding legs have a wishbone style. Once in situ, the tables are very strong and sturdy, thanks to the industrial strength locking mechanism and the bolt through construction feature. The table edges have a neat and tidy rubber edging which is free of both glue and staples. If you are concerned about the floor of your venue, the plastic feet ensure that the surface is protected from most scrapes and scratches. 

Suitable for a wide range of venues and functions, including church halls, schools, care homes and social clubs; please contact us if you require any additional information about our wooden catering tables.

Plastic Folding Tables

Our current range of plastic folding tables comes in two basic models. Effectively the same table, however, one of them folds flat and the other folds in half, so your storage requirements may be something you take into consideration before selecting which table is most suitable for your venue or special function.

Once covered with a table cloth, these foldable tables could grace any occasion and even without a cloth they are suitable for church halls, care homes and social clubs with an easy to wipe clean surface. They can also be used for outdoor events such as garden parties or wedding receptions.

Round Folding Tables

With a range of sizes from 2ft 6in up to 8ft our small foldable tables are very popular with the 6ft white plastic trestle table being our best seller. Small round tables are ideal for parties and for smaller function rooms.

For more information about any of the above event tables or our range of chairs (many of which will work perfectly as a combination), please call us or email us with your enquiry for tables and chairs.

Rectangle Folding Tables

The rectangular shape makes it very easy to work out your floor space measurements and how much room you will need to fit in a certain amount of tables. If needed you can also place multiple rectangular tables together or indeed utilise the spaces nearest the walls or edges of your venue.

Ranging from 2ft to 6ft, the tables are suitable for a range of venues. You might have a wedding reception planned in a church hall or hotel or a catering event at a conference centre or even an awards ceremony at a golf club. They are incredibly versatile, with the majority of tables being foldable and stackable once in that folded position. If you need to set up a function room quickly or remove the tables quickly afterwards, you absolutely can and if you have a table trolley, this can be accomplished with even greater ease. 

If you are looking to buy one of our folding tables, please call a member of our sales team on the number provided, or send us an email and we will respond as quickly as possible.