Getting set for summer and alfresco dining

Cafe Table and Chairs

Cafe Chairs with Table

The summer of 2018 has been setting records for being one of the driest and warmest since records began and for the catering industry in particular, the sunshine has generally meant that business has been booming as customers flock to cafes, bars and restaurants for an ice cold drink and some alfresco dining. With the summer holidays now in full swing and massive sporting events such as the World Cup and Wimbledon in the recent past, the eateries and bars have been full to bursting.

If a restaurant or a bar has the space to allow for outside dining and drinking, it can obviously provide an extra boost to business in terms of numbers but also customer choice. So, it’s absolutely crucial that your establishment is kitted out with the right kind of equipment and contract furniture to make the most of all the potential extra business.

Tables and chairs are fundamental pieces of furniture for any food and drink establishment and choosing the right ones can make a massive impact on the success of the business. With a speedy turnaround of customers essential, having tables and chairs that are easy to move and easy to clean should be a high priority.

With tables, you are ideally looking for something with an easy to clean surface and there are plenty of café tables to choose from, for example those with an aluminium top that can quickly and easily be wiped in a matter of seconds. If you need something a little more makeshift, there are lots of trestle tables that can do a very good job and these you can either leave uncovered with wooden or plastic tops easy to clean or you can put a simple table cloth on them to give them a completely different look. The majority of tables in these styles are also extremely light making them easy to move – to clean under and around – or to move into a different position as an event may dictate.

In terms of chairs, perhaps look into the various kinds of stacking chairs and folding chairs. They both have very obvious benefits in terms of making your café, bar or restaurant more versatile and flexible. Stacking chairs can often be stacked as many as 10 high which is a huge bonus if your storage space is at a premium. Being able to fold them as well makes cleaning, tidying and storing much easier.

With the good weather set to continue into August for many, there has never been a better time to make sure your business is properly equipped with the most versatile and cost effective tables and chairs.