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In our range of stacking chairs for sale here at Ningbo Furniture, whatever your business or enterprise, it’s likely we will have one that will suit your requirements. From restaurants, pubs and hotels to churches, schools and care homes, we offer a whole range of some of the best stacking chairs and versatile seating options at terrific value.

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Stacking Chair Range

We have made it really easy to find the chairs you are looking for via type or the venue type, (conference rooms, bistro etc.) from the drop down menu to see the range we have in that sector.

From: £14.45 ex VAT
From: £13.95 ex VAT
From: £13.95 ex VAT
From: £11.95 ex VAT
From: £11.95 ex VAT
From: £27.95 ex VAT
From: £27.95 ex VAT
From: £37.45 ex VAT
From: £29.75 ex VAT
From: £29.75 ex VAT
From: £14.45 ex VAT
From: £17.50 ex VAT

Bulk Price Stacking Chairs

stacking chairs hotel function room

Stacking Chairs in Function Room

One of the main uses is within a hotel for a function room and therefore steel is often preferred over wooden or plastic. The rooms are used for seating guests at various functions including weddings, conferences, seminars and breakfast clubs. Layouts can easily and quickly be moved around to adjust the room for the best style depending upon the number of seats required.
Function Room in Hotel

Stackable Chairs for Storage

Are you planning to stack your chairs after use?

When storing quality chairs as they are not in use you can easily place up to 10 high. From a health and safety perspective the standard item will be stable and should cause no problems. It is possible to put stackable chairs higher but we recommend safety first.

Are you looking for your new ones to match an existing colour scheme? Much of the furniture at Ningbo is available in a variety of material colours and will suit almost any environment.
stacking chairs

Stackable Chairs Steel Trolley

The range of on this page can be safely stacked up to 10 high and easily moved on the special trolley – please see our trolleys page for more details. With a variety of tables also available through Ningbo Furniture you could quite easily assemble everything you need for your special event or function.

Bulk Pricing

For much more information please either email us with your enquiry or call one of our helpful sales team members. We off bulk pricing on all our furniture.
Bulk Pricing Stacking Chairs

Stackable Chairs for Marquee and Hire Companies

We don't hire chairs out but we do sell at wholesale prices to marquee hire companies. It can often be cheaper to hire 100 for an event and this is where marquee hire will be the best solution, our stacking chairs are often bought in bulk together with folding tables and then hired out for your wedding reception or conference room etc.

If you are looking for bulk pricing, please get in touch and also ask about our other furniture.