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Ningbo Furniture also stocks a selection of folding chairs, in addition to the Stacking Chairs range. One of the main advantages of folding chairs is that they can be folded flat and stored at your convenience. Very reasonably priced and available in aluminium, metal or plastic they are suitable for a whole range of environments.

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Plastic Chairs

Our most basic plastic chairs (which can of course be used both for indoor and outdoor functions) can be purchased in a number of different colours, including, blue, white and grey. Our padded folding chair is available in black or blue seat fabric, meaning you can tailor them to your relevant venue.
Plastic Folding Chairs

Simply Unfold Chairs - Strong Folding Mechanism

Particularly popular, especially for events such as outdoor weddings and parties. If you check out the image gallery you will see just how stunning chairs look in situ, especially considering the price!

Folding Chair Trolley (Retail incl VAT Pricing Available)

You can always move your chairs around by hand but using a folding chair trolley is probably a better choice and is certainly the safer option. The chairs can be folded flat on a trolley for transportation and this will make it easier to store them.

Easy Fold and Store Your Plastic or Upholstered Folding Chairs After Use

All of the chairs in this category are really simple to handle and set up, therefore making preparation for events and functions very easy, as well as folding and storing once the event is over.
Folding Chairs Trolley

Can You Stack Once Folded?

Yes, they fold up and are then stacked ready to be transported, the trolley is an ideal solution but they can also be folded away and placed in a storage area with easy access ready to be brought out and set up.
Folding Chair Selection

How do they fold?

Our chairs have very strong mechanisms and will withstand heavy duty usage. The material is durable for both the seating and the legs. The thickness of the steel legs are important and when you sit you will feel safe.
How a folding chair look

Bulk Pricing on Folding Chairs

For much more information about any of our chairs, please contact a member of our sales team, who will gladly assist you with your enquiry.

Ask About a Discount for Bulk

As a premier contract furniture supplier we offer great deals on all our folding chairs and most of our products are in stock ready to be delivered direct.
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