Stacking Chairs Make Sense

Blue plastic stacking chair

Stacking Chairs Make Sense – Find Out Why
Stacking chairs (or chairs that stack) are, more often than not, the most practical kind of chair for most situations. They are probably the most commonly bought chair for a whole range of industries and venues. Why are they quite so popular? Well, it’s not really a secret – it’s because they stack! Depending on the kind of chair you are looking for, it’s fairly standard to be able to stack chairs as many as eight or even ten high.

Creating spaces in small places
Stacking chairs are great for venues where floor space is at a premium. Whether it’s a community centre that hosts lots of different events, a café or coffee shop that needs to be cleaned at the end of business every day or a church hall getting ready for the next wedding or function, the ability to stack the chairs when required can prove to be invaluable. For example, you may need to use the same venue for both a wedding ceremony and the reception and disco on the same day. Set the chairs out as per the requirements and then quickly clear the room afterwards, where the chairs can either be stacked around the edges of the room or moved into storage. The dance floor has been very quickly created with a minimum of fuss.

It’s certainly not folly to use a chair trolley
If you’re concerned about how long it will take to clear the floor and stack all of the chairs away, then help is at hand here too. Obviously, if there are a large number of chairs that need stacking, then the more helpers you have, the quicker the task will be but even if you’re low on numbers, the task is never too daunting if you are able to use once of the chair trolleys that are available at Ningbo. There are a couple to choose from and both are able to carry between 8-10 chairs. Just carefully load up the trolley, move the load to the desired location and lower the stack of chairs into position – rinse and repeat with the remaining chairs and you’ll have a clear room in no time at all. All chair trolleys come fully assembled so as soon as your order arrives, your chair stacking will instantly become easier!

Stack, style and accessorise
At Ningbo, stacking chairs come in lots of different shapes and sizes (don’t worry, they all have four legs) so it’s just a case of matching your chair choice with either the venue or the upcoming event. All budgets are also well catered for, starting with the very affordable plastic stacking chair which is available in multiple colours and features a metal frame.

One of the most popular choices is the conference chair which is conveniently priced and available in a good range of colours. It’s a highly functional chair that can work well in lots of different environments, such as churches, church halls, conference halls, waiting rooms and community centres. There’s no assembly needed so ideal if you need to buy in bulk and quickly set up a venue.

At the other end of the scale, there’s a really nice selection of banqueting chairs including the beautiful Chiavari Ice Chair and the Gold Cheltenham Banqueting chair which are always good picks for weddings and receptions, making any event look very stylish. Perhaps one of the lighter chairs available, is the aluminium café chair which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It’s so important to have a good selection to choose from, enabling you to perfectly match your furniture to the venue or event.