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Venue Chairs

There are a variety of chairs stocked here at Ningbo Furniture and the list on the left hand side of this page will tell you just how versatile our chairs can be, with a wide selection of suitable venues in which they can be successfully used. From churches , hotels and cafes to conference rooms, social clubs, weddings and other such functions.

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Versatile chairs for any venue

With chairs that fold and stack , you can choose the most suitable one for your particular venue or event knowing that if space is at a premium, they can all be safely stored away afterwards. Many of our chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors; again providing another lay of versatility should you need them for a selection of wide ranging events.

Available in different colours, you can often handpick a chair in a specific colour to blend in perfectly at your function. So consider your venue and choose the most appropriate chair.

Our product range is already very competitive in terms of pricing, but you will often find that buying in bulk with unlock further savings.

If there is something that you are looking for that you can’t find on the website, please feel free to contact us for much more product information.