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How to store folding chairs

POSTED ON 28 September 2022 BY NINGBO TEAM

Ben Taylor

Folding chairs are a great, portable seating solution for a wide range of events and occasions throughout the year. They’re particularly useful as ‘overflow’ seating as they’re much easier to set up and transport than regular chairs. However, this means you’ll need a space to store them when they’re not being used.

Not sure you have the room? Read on to find out more about our best space-saving folding chair storage tips.

How to store folding chairs in the garage

An outdoor building like a garage or shed can be a great place to store folding chairs if you’re using them at an outside venue. You’ll have a shorter distance to go whenever you need to get some out or put them away again, meaning your seating arrangements can be even more flexible.

However, the following tips apply to all kinds of small rooms and buildings, so don’t feel you can’t adapt and alter as needed to suit your space. Remember, folding chairs are all about convenience, so choose a storage space that works according to your specific needs.

What is a folding chair trolley? 

A folding chair trolley is a purpose-built cart or dolly made to make transporting folding chairs even easier. Different models vary slightly, but usually they consist of a rectangular base and one tall handle so you can push or pull as needed. Folding chair trolleys allow you to transport more chairs at once, with the added bonus that you only have to lift them on and off, rather than carrying them the whole way. 

Depending on how many folding chairs you have, you can also use a folding chair trolley as storage. Simply load it up with your chairs, wheel it into your garage and leave it as it is. The trolley will keep your chairs from falling over or slipping, and there’s no need for you to unload the chairs until you take them to their next venue. 

Of course, this only works if you have few enough chairs that they all fit on one trolley, but most folding chair trolleys have a large enough capacity that you should be able to store most if not all of your chairs without trouble using this method.

Can folding chairs be stacked? 

If keeping your folding chairs in a trolley isn’t for you, or if you have too many to fit, you might consider simply stacking your chairs somewhere out of the way. Making your stacks too high can be a hazard, but if done properly, stackable chairs are a great way to make the most of a small space. 

Is your space too small to accommodate folding chairs lying flat? Don’t worry. Just line them all up front to back and lean against a wall. It’s worth remembering that they may slip, so a good idea is to put something solid in front of them to act as a kind of door stop and keep them upright.

How to hang folding chairs on a wall

Another great space saving option is to take your folding chairs off the floor altogether and make the most of your wall space. Hanging folding chairs is a smart option on its own, but it can also work in conjunction with either (or both) of our previous tips as well if you want to really maximise your folding chair storage capacity. 

Worried about your DIY skills? Don’t worry - you won’t need to be a carpenter to rig up some easy wall storage. Just pick up some metal coat hooks on your next shopping trip and fix them to the wall. Remember to measure your chairs so you can space them effectively across your wall - and don’t forget to check the wall for live cables before you start drilling. 

How to keep folding chairs clean in storage

If your folding chairs are in storage for a long time, such as over the winter, you may find they’re covered in dust and dirt when you get them out again. It’s always a good idea to clean your folding chairs after they’ve been in storage for a long time as this will freshen them up ready for use, but what if you could keep them in better condition from the start?

  • Clean before you store

The most important step to keeping your folding chairs clean is to make sure they’re clean in the first place. Washing off stains, crumbs and other debris will help to discourage any pests from making their homes on your folding furniture while it’s packed away - and this should mean less to clean off come showtime. 

  • Protective covers or storage bags

Another way of keeping your folding chairs clean is to make it harder for dirt to get to them by using protective covers or storage bags. If you don’t have bags the right size for your folding chairs, don’t worry - you can cover them with an old blanket, painting cloth or tarpaulin to keep the worst of the dust and grime off them.

  • Use foam cushioning

Finally, don’t stop at just keeping them clean. Whether you stack your folding chairs flat on the floor or lean them against a wall, hard edges can lead to wear and tear on your furniture that can make it look shabby when you come to use it. One simple fix is to make foam cushions to rest your chairs on to protect those edges from damage.